BRIEF: What to expect at Morp 2017

Maddie Ward, multimedia editor

In just a few days, the Lancer Arena will be decorated and filled with students attending one of the last dances of the year: Morp. This dance will take place this Saturday, Mar. 18, from 7:30-10:30 PM. Morp, which is prom spelled backwards, is a different take on the usual school dance.

“Morp is an informal dance,” senior Megan Mullen said. “Its supposed to be a girls ask guys dance but we don’t really want to enforce that. It is a dance that you attend to have fun with your friends and is more of a rave type dance.”

Since Morp has an unconventional dress code and cheap tickets, ASB expects there to be more students in attendance than there were at Winter Formal.

“I think the turnout will be better than formal because the tickets are cheaper,” Mullen said. “They are only $10 with an ASB sticker and go up to $25 without an ASB sticker later this week. Since its such an informal dance that will cause a bigger turnout than there would be for a formal dance.”

ASB is hopeful there will be a lot of students buying tickets for Morp because it will allow them to bring an exciting feature to this year’s prom.

“The more people that we have come to Morp the more money we make and if we make enough money we are going to have fireworks at prom,” Mullen said. “If you want fireworks at prom you should come to Morp.”

In addition to contributing to fireworks at prom, Morp has many other features you do not want to miss out on. This includes black lights, so you are encouraged to wear white or neon to join in on the fun. ASB will also be bringing back one feature they had at Morp last year.

“My favorite part of Morp is the balloon drop that we did last year and that we are doing this year as well. Its something that a lot of students aren’t expecting,” Mullen said.

If you are interested in attending Morp, you can buy tickets this week in front of the ASB room during lunch and after school. Tickets are $10 with an ASB sticker and $25 without. When buying tickets a signed dance agreement form is required and can be found here. To bring a guest from another school, a filled out guest agreement form that can be found here is required.