Spring break loses Easter


Tyler White

Big man Santa always pushes the pink bunny out of the limelight

Breaks during the school year are a definite necessity for both students and faculty members. We all need breaks from time to time, especially when everyone can easily get caught up in the stresses of second semester. Similarly, teachers have been working hard preparing their students for AP exams and need time off just as badly as students do.

Summer may seem remarkably far away, but luckily spring break allows students to taste a little bit of freedom and soak up some sun. This glimpse at what the future months hold for them serves as motivation to continue rigorously pushing through the remainder of the school year.

In previous years, the break was known as “Easter Holiday” not “spring break” like it is commonly referred to today. Originally, the break from school was solely for the purpose of taking time off for the holiday and spending time with loved ones. However, Easter does not even fall on the break, but a whole week after the time off.

Although not all students and families celebrate this holiday, it seems a bit disrespectful to remove the break from the holiday for which it was initially scheduled. If families want to go out of town to visit their loved ones over Easter, they will now have to cut their trip down to a weekend, whereas it could have been full week had spring break included the holiday.

Due to the fact that the holiday has lost all correlation with spring break, it now has the reputation as a time for partying. The movie “Spring Breakers” portrayed the time as a crazed, reckless week full of careless teens running amuck. Easter and spring break have lost all correlation with one another for no reason.

Indeed, it is no longer to orient breaks around just Christian holidays, but if Christmas still falls on winter break, there’s no good reason why Easter shouldn’t fall during spring break. No one thinks of switching the dates of winter break and leaving Christmas to be celebrated on some random weekend in the school year.

The fact is breaks are oriented about holidays for a reason. Breaks should not be arbitrary and Easter should be considered a cultural holiday in addition to a religious one.