2012, no need to be afraid


Waves crash upon the shores of New York in this 2012 piece of art. The theory of the world coming to an end clearly presented by the catastrophic natural disaster.

AJ Johnson, Managing Editor

After countless rumors and speculations, the dreaded 2012 doomsday is quickly arriving and it seems that everyone has calmed down over the past few years. This event is originally derived from the Mayan calendar and predicts the astrological phenomena that states Earth will face a catastrophic end on Dec. 21.

There are multiple “facts” supporting this argument but many can easily be disproved through history and science. Originally, the argument supporting this event originated from the Mayan calendar which ends this December. Realistically, speculators created this theory without including the information that the ancient Maya never predicted the end of the world in Dec. 21.

Alternative theories behind 2012 include multiple events that “could” occur in our solar system that would cause natural disasters on Earth. Ranging from imaginary planets colliding with our planet to increased solar rays, to the most believed theory of a doomsday occurring in December, which results from planet alignment. Unfortunately many people who believe in this theory neglect to notice that this alignment occurs every year in December.

Its a shame that so many ignorant people are supporting this theory because of the negative influence it has on our society. Not only are people pressured to buy merchandise but also the entertainment industry has been fueled by these people’s fears.

Honestly, we should ignore these theories and let them fade away. With all the facts disproving these rumors we should be able to come to the conclusion that the world will not end this December.

2012 is a modern day scam used to induce fear into our society, but for those who research these theories like I have, they will realize there is little to no evidence supporting the doomsday.

In my opinion, I think I will be here on Dec. 22 and the many days, weeks, months and years after.