Pushing for progress: The Princess Project


Courtesy of Romie Coffler

The ambassadors of the Princess Project work to give out free prom dresses to teens.

Grace Fisher and Kaitlin Ferguson

This year Carlsbad High School is taking part in an organization called the Princess Project. The Princess Project is a volunteer-run corporation that takes donations of prom dresses and other prom accessories and then gives these donations to teens in need.

Junior Romie Coffler is a teen ambassador for the Princess Project and the junior class president of Carlsbad High School. Coffler explains what the Princess Prom Project is and why she wants to bring it to Carlsbad High School. 

“I decided to bring the project to Carlsbad to spread the organization to the county,” Coffler said. “The Princess Project is an organization that gathers prom dresses and accessories to give away to high school students. I want to make sure every high schooler feels beautiful at their prom.”

The Prom Project takes all different types of donated prom and formal dresses. Junior Faye Glenn is also a teen ambassador for the Princess Project, and she explains what type of items the project wants and will accept. 

“Students can donate their lightly worn prom dresses and other accessories,” Glenn said. “We accept purses, necklaces, bracelets, rings, and even some lightly worn dress shoes. The best items for students to donate are lightly used, stylish dresses in a variety of sizes. We also accept jewelry and accessories as well as dress shoes in good condition.”

There are a few different ways that students can get involved with the project. Coffler explains where and how a student can get involved or donate to the organization. 

“The Carlsbad Prom Project is extremely proud to support them,” Coffler said. “Students can donate during school hours in the ASB room (5004) or the main office. Donations are accepted until Friday, April 28th.”

Not only does the Princess Project want dress donations, but they also accept other accessories like shoes. Coffler explains what you can donate to the project and what condition they need to be in.

“All donations of dresses and accessories to The Carlsbad Prom Project go straight to PPSD,” Coffler said. “Students can get involved by spreading the message around about The Carlsbad Prom Project and donating.”

The Princess Project is a way to give back to your community and promote sustainability through recycling prom dresses and accessories. Gleen explains why the project is special to her and the benefits of giving to the organization.

“I wanted to bring this organization to Carlsbad High because of how impactful it has been in my personal life, and the connections I have formed with their community,” Glenn said. “Princess Project San Diego’s mission is to promote self-confidence and individual beauty by providing free dresses and accessories for high school teens. The organization also promotes sustainability.”