Bathroom passes make their debut


Carter Ruttenburg

Students use color-coded bathroom passes to walk to the restroom during class. For the 3000s building, the passes are pink.

Carter Ruttenburg, Reporter

This year, the CHS administration implemented a bathroom pass system. The new system relies on colored passes that students carry throughout the school on their way to the bathroom. 

The school has set up certain zones where students are supposed to go based on what building they are in. The passes are a different color for each bathroom. This way, supervisors around the school can see which pass a student is carrying and determine if they should be in that area or not. Principal Julie Redfield explains the new bathroom pass system.

“We implemented a new restroom pass policy to alleviate students wandering across campus for an extended amount of time,” Julie Redfield said. “The color-coded passes keep them closer to the restrooms that are in their building.” 

This new system’s goal is to minimize the time students spend away from class so they can get back and don’t miss out on the lessons. The system has changed due to a lack of regulations in past years, causing many students to miss out on class time. Last year, some of the bathrooms had to be closed because of students’ behavior.

“I’ve gotten really good feedback from staff members and campus supervisors because we have limited the amount of students congregating in an area they shouldn’t be in,” Redfield said. “I haven’t actually heard any concerns about it at all. If there is an issue if the restroom in their area is closed, of course we make accommodations and let them use the other restrooms.”

However, not all students feel the passes have had such an impact. Some believe the change isn’t drastic enough and could be improved. Sophomore Gian Bustamente shares their opinion about the bathroom passes.

“I just see [passes] littered around on the ground,” Bustamente said. “I also see that some people just walk around; it’s the same thing as not having a pass.” 

The plan for these new bathroom passes is to have a better impact on our school and give students more time in the classroom to learn. CHS administration is open to suggestions regarding their new policy, however.

“We are always looking for suggestions,” Redfield said. “If we need to adjust what we are doing or make changes we will always do that. We are looking for feedback from our teachers and campus supervisors.”