Peer tutoring benefits students in need


Kara Kruger

In the library, peer tutoring takes place before school and after school. In this area, students are given the help they need to succeed in their classes.

Kara Kruger, Reporter

Peer tutoring is now available in the library before and after school. The program holds many benefits for students and tutors such as gaining a new level of understanding in their education.

Tutoring is offered to all students in need of homework help, no matter the class. Peer tutors can help with a wide variety of subjects and topics, as well as help developing organizational skills.

“They offer help basically in every subject, and when we don’t have a student tutor who can help, we have a credentialed teacher or a professional tutor who knows everything from advanced math to sciences, any kind of English help, or histories,” counselor Susan Penrod said.

Electives can be tricky sometimes as well. Oftentimes they require special skills or equipment, but students who need help with these classes are still welcome to stop by the library and ask the tutors for assistance.

“I don’t know that we’ve had any students who have come in with that,” Penrod said. “With a class like Woodshop or maybe Digital Photography, there is specific equipment that students might need that might be more difficult, but a tutor could certainly help organize the work that needs to be done. Other electives like psychology, [or] sociology could get helped more because I guess you could say they are less specialized.”

Times vary according to the day of the week due to other commitments the tutors may have. However, there are still scheduled times for tutors to be there.

“Mondays and Friday mornings from 7:30 to 8:30 we have professional tutors and English teachers and peer tutors in the library,” Penrod said. “Then Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday we have credentialed math teachers and peer tutors from 3:30 to 4:30.”

Many students think that the program is located in a classroom, however, it is located in a more public area, the library. The library is a nice quiet location with no interruptions, and therefore won’t disturb anyone’s learning experience.

“If you head into the main entrance of the library it is set in a smaller alcove that’s behind the librarian staff,” Penrod said. “So as you walk in, you have the main area on the right if you keep going straight, it is in the back center of the library.”

Another option in this program is to become a tutor. If a student is qualified and has the free time to dedicate to tutoring, it can benefit both them and their peers. One benefit is acquiring extra community service hours.

“We will be recruiting again once the second semester starts,” Penrod said. “So keep an eye out for announcements on CHSTV and postings in some different google classrooms and emails for community service opportunities.”

The Carlsbad High School school loop page contains a lot of information about the peer tutoring program. Students can visit this website on their own time with any questions, comments or concerns.

“On the website under the student tab, there is information about peer tutoring,” Penrod said. “There should be the hours, the subjects, and all that good stuff.”