Students raise money for children in need


Courtesy of the Lancerthon Instagram

CHS Lancerthon students raised over 10 thousand dollars for the kids at Rady Children’s Hospital in 2020.

Brooke Ferguson

Lancerthon is a nonprofit organization put together by Carlsbad high school students with a goal of raising money for kids staying at Rady Children’s Hospital hoping to make a positive impact in their future.

Veronica Torres, a sophomore at CHS, is a part of the external team for Lancerthon. She joined Lancerthon because she wanted to be a part of a group that all shared the same passion, helping others.

“My favorite part about being in Lancerthon is the people and the community I’m surrounded by,” Torres said. “I also love the feeling when I see that someone donated to my page.”

Lancerthon is a special part of the Carlsbad community because they bring students together, and help children who are in need of a better future.

“Lancerthon is important because we are helping raise money for kids at Rady’s who need a little help paying for treatments and procedures they may need,” Torres said.

Many kids face the harsh reality of sicknesses, but Lancethon provides a positive place of hope for these fighters in need. Tedros Hemberger, a sophomore at CHS, is also a part of the external team.

“I love putting together fun events for the students of Carlsbad to enjoy as we try to raise money for the kids,” Hemberger said. “Lancerthon’s main goal is to engage students at CHS and community outreach by raising money to help the patients with terminal illnesses.”

Lancerthon is hoping to raise at least $15 thousand making this their highest fundraising goal ever.

“Our financial goal is to raise around eleven thousand five hundred dollars by the beginning of March. The money will go straight to the hospital,” Torres said.

Lancerthon strives to help these kids in need, but they also reach out for help from fellow CHS students.

“You can sign up for Lancerthon by clicking on the link in our Instagram bio @lancerthon,” Hemberger said. “You don’t need to raise money right away, but you need to raise at least twenty-five dollars to go to the dance marathon event later in the year.”