GoHike Carlsbad

New program launched within the city app provides insight into hiking trails in Carlsbad

Lake Calavera Trails; one of the hiking spots shown on GoHike Carlsbad

Eva Huebner

Lake Calavera Trails; one of the hiking spots shown on GoHike Carlsbad

Eva Huebner, Assistant Editor

Carlsbad has numerous hiking spots, trails, views and scenic areas that serve as an open space for the community. Recently, a new trail feature called GoHike Carlsbad has been launched to the city app.

Michael Tully, Park Planner in the City of Carlsbad, worked along with several others to establish and organize GoHike Carlsbad.

“It’s a web app, so it’s not a standalone app in itself,” Tully said. “It is an app that [permits] us to basically allow the residents of Carlsbad to explore our diverse trail network.”

GoHike Carlsbad includes many features that contribute to the idea of residents being able to find out all sorts of information about the trails.

“On the app, you can see the points of interest, trail length, surface type of trail, degree of difficulty, trail connectivity, and parking locations,” Tully said. “The overall goal is to provide high-quality services.”

GoHike works on any device with an internet connection, so these navigational tools can work when your device is connected to mobile data service or WiFi.

“We really wanted to make sure that all the features are available whether people are using their computer, tablet [or] their phone,” Monique Larragoitia, Associate Administrator in the GIS (Geographic Information Systems) department said.

The web app even reaches sustainability goals for the city. As paper maps are still in use with a resulting problem of trees being cut down, GoHike Carlsbad solves that problem by using an online platform.

“People can now just use the app as opposed to using printed paper,” Tully said.

The GoHike app provides an easier way of hiking and provides specific details about hikes in Carlsbad. The app uses location services to ensure hikers are going on the correct trails and acts as a map for those who need it.

“I really do enjoy hiking here, and I just think there are so many hidden gems throughout the city, and some of the views that you can get at some of these hikes are unbelievable,” Tully said.