A look into Mrs. Britton’s writing lab

Experience a enjoyable workspace before the long school day


Kellen Moye

The writing lab poster is put up around the campus consisting of the information for the lab.

Kellen Moye, Reporter

The writing lab is an excellent work space for all students. The leader of the lab, Mrs. Britton works with the students on whatever they might need help with. It is held Monday through Friday in room 3211. It goes until the first bell rings at 8:25 a.m. Britton is strictly there for guidance and assistance purposes.

“The writing lab can be a quiet place to work before the hectic day gets started.” Britton said.

The peaceful environment gives the students a great space to complete school work. Britton assists students by hosting a peaceful workshop and also giving guidance for a variety of writing skills.

“The writing lab is there to support all students at all grade levels with any assignment that they have,” Britton said. “That’s reading, writing, creating presentations or even studying for tests.”

The writing lab is useful for students who prefer a more social work space where they can collaborate and share ideas with each other. Alongside the help of Mrs. Britton, students are able to get the help they need.

“The idea to start the lab came from the school thinking that there were a lot of kids who could benefit from support and the extra attention for writing and help improve their grades especially since we’re coming off a year of distance learning.” Britton said.

Carlsbad staff knew it was a good idea to start the lab because of the amount of students who would find a writing lab helpful. Students who attend the writing lab usually come back because they enjoy the environment.

“There are many students who like working in an environment where you can ask questions and work with others.” sophomore Ian Stubbs “The school also understood that a writing lab was necessary to help students complete their work in an enjoyable way.”