Best places to get the COVID vaccine


Photo by Jorden Hopp

A CVS COVID-19 center. This Oceanside location is featured for its positively reviewed service amidst the pandemic.

Jorden Hopp, Social Media Editor

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed lives in so many different ways, forcing people to adjust and adapt to new changes. Scientists have fortunately discovered a vaccine to reduce the virus. There will be many opportunities in the future for everyone to get vaccinated. There’s a variety of places to get the COVID-19 vaccine in numerous CVS locations in San Diego County. It’s helpful to look for a palace that’s conveniently located and clean.

1. CVS – Oceanside
This CVS is known for radiating positive energy with a cheerful and helpful staff, making it a great place to get a COVID vaccine. Their patient staff makes your experience fast and easy. This particular CVS, located at 1706 Oceanside Blvd, Oceanside, CA 92054, has 5 stars and is conveniently located in Oceanside. CVS’ are very common and a lot of them have been able to help with the distribution of the vaccination and have been offering quality service throughout.

2. Linda Rhoades Recreation Center
Linda Rhoades Recreation Center is currently dedicated to helping their patients get an efficient and easy COVID-19 vaccine. Notably, the center has a helpful staff and is rated 4.6 stars on Google Reviews for its quality service. They are keeping their vaccinations and tests socially distanced in the gym of the recreational center. All and all, this is a great place to get a COVID-19 vaccine for a quick and orderly experience. This recreation center is located at, 600 N Santa Fe Ave, Vista, CA 92084

3. North Coastal Live Well Center
This Health Center in Oceanside, located at 3708 Ocean Ranch Blvd, Oceanside, CA 92056, is a great place to get a COVID vaccine, free of cost. North Coastal Live Well Center offers walk-through vaccinations. It’s reasonably located in Oceanside and is currently only offering vaccines to those who are 65-74, certain essential workers, people ages 16-64 years old with underlying health conditions, and others in Phase 1c of the COVID-19 vaccine distribution, as well as the other vaccine locations. This location is convenient and quick, a great place to get a COVID-19 vaccine.

4. CVS- Carlsbad
This CVS pharmacy, located at 2510 El Camino Real, Carlsbad, CA 92008, is known for having a helpful staff. It is somewhat highly rated with 3.4 stars for its excellent staff. CVS has made getting the COVID-19 vaccine incredibly simple on their website and gives a lot of guidance. This CVS in particular is located right next to Vons, so after getting your vaccine feel free to stop by to grab a snack or do some grocery shopping.

5. Rite-Aid
This Rite-Aid is conveniently located at 955 Tamarack Ave, Carlsbad, CA 92008, roughly 5 minutes from CHS. It’s rated 3.3 stars. Rite-Aids seem to always be highly rated and known for being fast and helpful. This RIte-Aid pharmacy is a great place to get your COVID-19 vaccine. They boast their understanding for personalized care at Rite-Aid to show that they treat each client with care and maintain positive and patient attitudes.
There are countless available pharmacies, recreational buildings and other makeshift vaccine centers that have been helping distribute the COVID-19 vaccine and it is important to be patient and understanding when receiving the vaccine.These healthcare workers have been giving out countless vaccines to speed up the process and hopefully we’ll all have the vaccine available to everyone by summer 2021. These locations are just five of the most efficient and well-constructed vaccine places in the county.