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Lancer dancers take on Florida

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Lancer dancers take on Florida

Alyssa Miller, Lifestyles Editor

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This week, the varsity lancer dancers are flying out to Orlando, Florida to compete their nationals routines that they have been working on for months. They are competing at the Dance Team Union Nationals with two routines- a hip hop routine choreographed by the first place champions on World of Dance, The Lab Creative Arts Studio, and a jazz routine choreographed by Courtney Barclay.

“We have been working really hard on both of our routines,” junior Reagan Phillips said. “Many hours have gone into perfecting the routines so we hope everything pays off in Florida. We have practices during the week, the weekends and had some during winter break too.”

Not only has the team been working on their routines, but have also put time into bonding with each other. Naturally, strong friendships are bound to form when so many hours are spent together working for a common goal. This is very important considering the new additions to the team.

“Team dynamic this year is super high energy and good vibes all the time,” junior Nicole Burke said. “We can get in some sticky situations but we always come out on top.”

They have been forming friendships since they first started practicing over summer. They have prepared for UDA camp, competed at football games, done community events, competed at regionals and now nationals. Last year at UDA nationals, they received third in jazz, second in hip hop, and got first at the world championships. With a new team, new choreography and new talent, the accomplishments that they could achieve are not limited. Of course first place is wanted, but the goals they hope to accomplish in Florida do not always have to do with the trophy placement.

“In Florida, I’m hoping for a nice vacation and fun mems,” Burke said. “Whether that means winning first or sneaking out of the hotel. I’ll be happy with either or both I’m just here for a good time.”

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Alyssa Miller, Lifestyles Editor

Alyssa is a junior at Carlsbad High School and this is her second year on journalism staff. She dances at Evoke Dance Movement and is a part of Supremacy...

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Lancer dancers take on Florida