California law allows high school students to graduate even with fees


Chloe Tran, Opinion Editor

California recently passed a law where public schools cannot withhold high school diplomas for students with past due library fees, bus fares or unpaid uniforms. This law would allow high school seniors to graduate without any setbacks to their future path.

In more depth, the law’s main goal is to reject any negative actions towards pupils or former pupils if the student owes a bill to the public school or school district. This law will look past fees piling up since the beginning of a student’s high school career to avoid conflicts. This law also aims to give students who have been denied full credit for any assignments for a class or participation in class activities to be a part of the end of the year senior graduation.

“Students do all the school work that they needed to do and just because some do not have the financial capabilities of paying for these fees does not mean they cannot pass senior year,” junior Kendra Poehler said.

With this law implemented, the school can enforce certain regulations towards students who leave mid-year or are going through the normal procedures of graduating at the end of the school year. This law further ensures that school properties such as textbooks and uniforms can be returned.

“Our school has very few cases where these situations come up,” Principal Dr. Brockett said. “Most students will go through the regular checkout procedures at the end of the year; overdue fees are one thing, but we want to also make sure we get all our equipment back before students head out.”

As students are nearing the end of the school year, the law is instilled to provide flexibility within families. California aims for a more positive outlook towards seniors and upcoming seniors. Instead of constant worry about paying fees, this law allows students to feel more comfortable in the high school environment.

“I agree with this law,” junior Mylinh Phan said. “Sometimes people make minor mistakes and something so minor should not be withholding you from getting your diploma, especially a high school diploma which is so important to you.”