BRIEF: Protests against forced removal of Attorney General Jeff Sessions organized overnight in Carlsbad


Julia Novoa, staff writer

President Trump announced via Twitter the resignation of Attorney General Jeff Sessions on Wednesday. Sessions resigned per the President’s request. The decision by the President sparked outrage from all over the country from every political party. Many professionals that have studied law have said the President’s appointment of the new Attorney General Matthew Whitaker was unconstitutional, and this was not the first instance Trump has made a questionable decision without consulting anyone. Many saw the previous appointment of Robert Muller as unconstitutional. Trump rejected the requirement of consulting the Senate before confirming the appointment of both of them. Sessions was the overseer of the Muller investigation against Trump. It is uncertain what will become of the Muller investigation with Whitaker now at the helm.

Protests against Trump’s decision popped up in over 900 cities nationwide seemingly overnight. The march was organized by the Facebook group, Nobody Is Above The Law. In downtown San Diego, Escondido and Carlsbad, just to name a few, several hundreds of protesters gathered on Thursday Nov. 8. Carlsbad’s own march was on Palomar Airport Road by the outlets. Protestors called to protect the special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into the possible collision of Russia and President Donald Trump’s campaign.

“I believe everyone was concerned about what is happening in the White House right now,” Aida Rogers, who attended the march, said.