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Carlsbad blossoms into spring

Emily Hyde, staff writer

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The Flower Fields have been sharing the beauty of flowers with Carlsbad for over 60 years. This annual event is one of the many treasures of Carlsbad and is changing every year. Beginning as a small business, the Flower Fields have bloomed into a magnificent attraction enjoyed by all.

As one can imagine, working at the Flower Fields would be equally as enjoyable as attending them. There are many different types of jobs for anyone and everyone.

“My job is [to] work the lemonade and ice cream stands; so I swirl the ice cream, work the cash register, and make lemonade,” sophomore Cat Mertz said.

Being such a lively and positive environment, it is easy to go to work everyday and have fun while getting things done. However there are some challenges that come when working in such a busy and people-oriented place.

“My favorite part about my job is looking at the smiles on people’s faces when they receive their lemonade or ice cream,” Mertz said. “The hardest point about my job is working with all different types of people all day long, so that can get tiring at times.”

Although working at the Flower Fields can be very enjoyable, attending them with family and friends can be a great way to spend your day as well. During the spring and summer, the Flower Fields are an incredible way to be active and have fun.

“I love going to the Flower Fields because you get to be outside and walk around, while looking at these beautiful flowers,” sophomore Hannah Haughton said.

It isn’t just the flowers that make the Flower Fields attractive. The family-friendly atmosphere adds to the wow factor of the Flower Fields.

“My favorite part was definitely the happy and pleasant vibe there,” Haughton said. “Everyone was so nice, and not to mention it smelled amazing. I think because everyone working there seemed to be enjoying themselves, it made the experience more enjoyable.”

Although the Flower Fields may seem as though they would be most enjoyable for children, all ages and groups of people can appreciate the beauty of the flowers and have a memorable experience.

“I would recommend people to come to the flowers because it is a fun place for people of all ages,” Mertz said. “I see infants, teenagers, adults, and elderly people. There are so many things to see and do. Plus all of the flowers are so beautiful, I love taking pictures of them.”

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Carlsbad blossoms into spring