Carlsbad runs for Mitchell Thorp

Board member, Karen Pearson talks to other families about the foundation and information to volunteer.

Jazmin Treadway, Staff Writer

Changing lives. Saving lives. Impacting lives. The Mitchell Thorp Foundation continues to keep our community united with it’s support to other families with children suffering from life-threatening illnesses, diseases and disorders. On Feb. 4, family and friends gathered for the warrior 5k run/walk in Poinsettia Community Park to raise money for families in need. About 9 years ago, the founders, Brad and Beth Thorp, had just lost a son.

“We are Carlsbad grown, Carlsbad based,” board member Karen Pearson said. “We will make a place for you to volunteer if you want to help, even if it’s just to be a cheerleader for the participants. Any help is good help.”

About 9 years ago, the founders, Brad and Beth Thorp, had just lost a son. Mitchell Thorp was a boy who touched the hearts of many in the community as well as his family and legacy. His parents wanted a way to give back to the community that helped them through their difficult time. 

“Beth and Brad still had a lot of expenses, but they felt so dedicated to the community for trying to help them and they said let’s set something up and give back to other families that have children that might be in the same position that could die or that might not, but how they can help,” Pearson said.

When this foundation first started, only about 200 people signed up for the cause and wanted to help, but the day of the event, over 1000 people showed up. All ages and abilities came out to support the cause and give back to those who truly need it.

“I’m so excited to be here representing for California and it has been a great time I think what they are doing is amazing and it’s been a great turnout,” Ms. California Shannon Fox said. “I think one of my favorite parts was seeing the [Navy Seal] skydivers. I have never seen anything like that before so I was very fascinated. It has definitely been an honor to be here.”

Even students from Carlsbad High School came to support the cause and gain more strength for the new season coming in spring for Track and Field. Senior, Alejandro Vega won the first race of his preseason workout with a time of less than 17 minutes.

“I compete in cross country and track and field,” Vega said. “So during the pre-season I have to do my own type of training like increasing my mileage to as much as I want. I guess winning this 5k race is a great way to start off my season and record my time in preparing for my season.” 

The Mitchell Thorp Foundation “cares for the caregiver” by providing both financial and emotional support to these families in their time of need. MTF also accepts people of all ages to volunteer and even after graduation, you are welcome to be a board member or advisory.

“All the money goes into helping families with emotional and financial support,” Pearson said. “When [the foundation] is not doing a race, we start planning the next. We are so grateful for any volunteered help and hope to keep Mitchell Thorp’s legacy alive.”

For volunteer opportunities click here.