A tribute to Lori Peacock

Audrey Sun, Staff Writer

For 21 years, Lori Peacock has been involved in the Carlsbad community as a teacher and a coach. Peacock has touched the lives of students and teachers with her positive influence. Unfortunately, on Friday, Jan. 8, Peacock passed away after her battle with cancer. Her family, co-workers and students all felt the impact of this loss.

Peacock graduated from UCSD in 1995 with a Bachelor of Arts degree with a specialization in Secondary Education. She also received her California Teaching Credential in Physical Sciences and Mathematics. Peacock was a part of Carlsbad High’s teaching faculty for about 20 years from 1995-2015, teaching Calculus AP B/C, physics and chemistry. Spending much of her career at Carlsbad allowed Peacock to develop strong relationships among the staff and student body.

English and AVID teacher Mr. Spanier met Mrs. Peacock 17 years ago, just a couple of months after he started teaching at Carlsbad, when they both decided to coach Academic League. Peacock held a very deep understanding for a variety of subjects and this wealth of knowledge made her a very valuable teacher and coach.

“Mrs. Peacock always had an excellent ability to stay calm and keep a positive attitude during stressful situations,” Spanier said. “She was a mentor for me because she showed me how to have balance and how to have a sense of humor about things.”

In addition to the staff, Peacock’s students remember her uplifting and encouraging personality. While wearing a smile on her face every day, Peacock served as a role model for her classes, consistently encouraging each individual and treating him or her with kindness.

“Mrs. Peacock was a teacher to feel comfortable with,” senior Erica Weng said. “She was in good spirits all the time and was the most patient teacher I have known.”

Mrs. Peacock’s passion and kind heart also gave her the chance to make sure she got to know each and every one of students personally, especially those who were a part of Academic League.

“At the end of the year banquet we have each year for Academic League, Mrs. Peacock picked out a unique gift for each member of the team,” Weng said. “I remember getting a heart-shaped porcelain box from her and thinking that she really cared about the team.”

This year, Peacock transferred to Sage Creek High School, where she taught math and science. She took a medical leave in mid-October of 2015 and both the teaching staff at Carlsbad and Sage Creek stayed in touch with her and her husband over these past few months.

“The Bobcat community lost a true gem,” Principal Morales of Sage Creek said. “Mrs. Peacock was an extremely intelligent woman who was very student-centered and extremely passionate about the classes she taught.”

Peacock’s push to motivate other teachers and her students led her to earn a wide range of friendships on campus. Her selflessness and respect had a great impact on Carlsbad and Sage Creek.

“I would thank Mrs. Peacock for her friendship and for her kindness,” Spanier said. “She reminded me that being a great teacher means going beyond your subject area and bringing in all kinds of understanding, knowledge and humor to the classroom.”