Disney institutions portray magical experiences despite expense

Monique Dufault, A&E Editor

The JEA-NSPA journalism convention hosted in Orlando, Florida gave 6,000 students an opportunity to visit Disney World attractions, in some cases for the first time. Considering Carlsbad’s close proximity to Disneyland, many CHS students have experienced the same Disney magic that students from across the nation now know.

Within a student’s initial visit of a Disney institution, preconceptions of the parks are quickly altered with personal experience.

“Before I came I thought it was a big tourist trap,” Iowa City High School student Jim Geerdes said. “I thought it would just be so-so rides along with fake people who pretend to be Disney characters, but after I came I realized that people really do fall in love with who they are and that each ride has its own symbolism.”

From the beginning of the Disney brand, creating a magical experience constituted itself as the ultimate goal across a multitude of mediums.

“When you walk into Disney it is like you are walking into a storybook,”Rocky Heights Middle School student Emily Yi said. “A lot of Disney movies originally come from books so it is really cool to be able to see a book turned into something that you can actually see with your eyes.”

Disney’s ability to reach people living around the globe contributes to its ability to provide magical experiences for guests.

“It brings so many people across the world into one place and I think it’s really cool how one little town can do that,” Geerdes said. “I was talking with people from Italy yesterday in Epcot, along with people from China. It was a really neat experience.”

In addition, allowing guests to leave all personal issues at the gate emphasizes the ideal of the Disney experience.

“Once you get inside the theme park it’s like a whole new world,” Geerdes said. “Everything is so magical and perfect. If you imagine a Disney movie and how perfect it is, it goes hand in hand with the parks themselves. You can just forget your hardships and I think that is really cool.”

The expense Disney imposes in order to present the coveted magical experience, however, presents a slight downfall for their otherwise pleased guests.

“It makes me think that Disney is more of a for-profit, rather than to make people happy with their Disney magic,” Windsor High School student Sophia Brothers said.

Despite the imposition cost puts on visitors of the parks, the Disney monopoly’s premise of magic continues to incise guests to become loyal costumers.

“It is a great place to be, Disney itself,” Geerdes said. “They always have their critics, but I think what they are doing here is a really good thing. It is the most magical place on earth.”

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