Excitment arises about Harper Lee’s new book


Harper Lee’s Go Set a Watchman has recently gained lots of public attention. It is a sequel to To Kill a Mockingbird.

Alyssa Slattery, news editor

The novel To Kill a Mockingbird, by Harper Lee, has gone down in history as one of the best in American literature. Written in 1960, Harper Lee’s writing has impacted lives of people around the world for decades.

“The book has stayed so popular over the years because it is a classic,” sophomore Alana Snow said. “It has a deep plot line, talks about different racial perspectives, and it’s enjoyable to both children and adults. Each time you read it, you get something different out of it.”

Classic books remain alive through time because of their ability to connect with everyone who picks up the book.

“I really liked the way that Harper Lee showed the racial tensions of the time from the perspective of a child,” Snow said. “When you are child you don’t understand why someone would be racist towards someone else, unless another person put those ideas in your head.”

This was thought to be her only book until recently a sequel was found. Go Set a Watchman is the sequel to To Kill a Mockingbird but was written beforehand. It shows the life of Scout Finch in her adult years.

“Of course I would read the sequel in a heartbeat, because I want to know what happens next,” english teacher Mrs. Padilla said.

Dilemma on whether or not to publish Go Set a Watchman remains a hot topic for many because Harper Lee herself hopes to keep her life separate from the public.

“I think people should respect Harper Lee’s privacy because it is her choice if she wants to release it or not,” Snow said. “She may see it as tactical not to release it because people will read it and get her name out there and she may just want privacy.”

Avid readers want to respect Lee’s choices, but also hope that someday they will get to read her writing again and finish off the journey with the characters.

“Everyone enjoyed the first book so much and I know after reading the book that the readers all  want to know what happens to the characters after, what they are feeling, what Scout is like when she grows up,” Snow said.

Lee’s writing will be remembered as the one of the most influential and ambitious pieces of literature regardless if she decides to release the highly anticipated sequel.

“I think Harper Lee’s writing is considered one of the best because she was so young when she wrote To Kill a Mockingbird,” Snow said. “Even though she was so young she had such intellectual depth and wrote in such a pure way that it was really relatable and heartwarming.”