CHS takes on the Great Kindness Challenge


Danny Tajimaroa

Senior Beenish Ismail adds her hand print to the Lancers Hands for Kindness sign that will go up once it is completed. This week is the Great Kindness Challenge, a program started by the non-profit group Kids for Peace and promotes simple, and daily acts of kindness throughout this week.

Haley Spanier and Emma Veidt

Starting yesterday, Jan. 26, Carlsbad High began participating in the Kids for Peace Great Kindness Challenge School Edition. With the help of ASB, each day of the week is dedicated to one kind act for students to participate in. On Monday, the campus was filled with kind messages  for students to read. Tuesday, students picked up 10 pieces of trash to keep the campus clean. Students will have the chance to slip a kind note in a friend’s backpack on Wednesday. Thursday is make a new friend day and Friday students will wear purple to support CHS.

“The great kindness challenge school edition is basically an entire week where there is a long list of maybe 50 kind acts that students can do around the school,” junior Hana Craft said. “Some of the things you might do would be to invite a new person to sit with you at lunch or bring your teacher an apple, stuff like that. It’s basically just a cool way to make new friends and help out around the school.”

The Kids for Peace website also includes a checklist for more kind acts for students to perform. With multiple ways for students to get involved, this event will become a long lasting tradition of kindness.

“It’s a great way to be involved with the school and to do a lot for your teachers and for the people who work here, and it’s also just a nice way to make new friends,” Craft said. “We’ve been doing the Great Kindness Challenge for a few years.  The Great Kindness School Edition is newer, maybe three or four years, but I think this is the first time that Carlsbad High is actually doing it.”

Additionally, there will be a poster set up on campus for students to spread their kindness through words.

“Today during lunch we are having a panel outside in the quad for any students to come out and put their handprints on and write their own message,” senior Beenish Ismail said. “People can show their school environment.”

The kindness certainly continues to grow as this year has the largest amount of participants since the start of the challenge.

“This year is out biggest year so far on the Great Kindness Challenge School Edition,” Craft said. “We have had over two million kids signed up around the world. We just hit the two million mark last week.”