A new sign lights up Carlsbad


Danny Tajimaroa

On Thurs. Jan. 8th, many people gathered around to witness history being made as the new Carlsbad sign was lighted at the corner of Carlsbad Village Drive and Pacific Coast Highway. Over one thousand residents attended the event and Kids for Peace created a time capsule with hand written notes from many to be opened 25 years from now.

Karissa Lynaugh, Writer

Starting the year off with a fresh start, the City of Carlsbad lit the brand new sign hovering over the village last Jan. 8.

80 years ago there was a sign that welcomed people to Carlsbad, but now stands a blue sign with bold white lettering titling “Carlsbad” above the busy intersection of Carlsbad Village Drive and the Pacific Coast Highway. This sign was lit yesterday, during the sign lighting ceremony .where hundreds of community members gathered to celebrate history in the making.

Inspired by the Encinitas sign which was dedicated over fourteen years ago, Carlton Lund, former Chamber of Commerce member, led the initiative to create the Carlsbad sign. At 6pm the sign was lit, spreading excitement throughout the crowd.

The festivities were not over with the sign lighting. Kids for Peace, an organization dedicated to spreading peace throughout the world and originally founded in Carlsbad, passed out pieces of paper for all those who attended the ceremony to write a little message that was put away in a time capsule planned to be opened 25 years from now.

“Mayor Hall came up with the time-capsule idea because he, the whole Carlsbad Community, Chamber of Commerce, and Kids for Peace wanted to recognize the community that we are today and see what people were feeling like during this monumental time twenty five years from now,” senior and Kids for Peace intern Grady McDermott said.

This time capsule represents much more than just a method of communication for the future, but has captured a historical moment in Carlsbad through the unique eyes of the community.

“Carlsbad is trying to have a movement of kindness,” McDermott said. “Through education and the children they hope to recognize peace by spreading this beacon of hope Carlsbad represents, shining it’s light throughout Carlsbad north county and throughout the world.”

The sign does more than just define the name of a community, it helps illuminate a sense of pride for community members and tourists alike.

“Carlsbad was one of the first cities founded in north county and we had a sign 80 years ago that would shine its light across all of north county,” McDermott said. “People who were driving down the 101 would recognize and see the sign and know they were near Carlsbad. So we want a similar thing. You see the sign, know you are in the community where you will be welcomed and greeted by kind people.”

Other organizations were also represented at the event last night, helping to bring about a cohesive atmosphere where the different avenues of Carlsbad could unite to honor their beloved city.

“We are here for the Carlsbad pageant and Miss Teen Carlsbad pageant. We dressed up to support Carlsbad for the new sign,” junior Arianna Ricci said.

Make sure next time you are in the village to stop by the new Carlsbad sign and get a glimpse of history.

“Everyone’s energy is great here and I think that will really progress throughout the year with the sign,” Ricci said.