PLUS team informs incoming freshman


Victoria Smith

Seniors Hannah Kellermeyer and Maria Rojas lead 8th graders in a tour around Carlsbad HIgh School. These tour are on every Wednesday of December hosted by the Plus team.

Brooke Wasson, features editor

Incoming freshman now have to make the decision between Sage Creek or Carlsbad High School. In order to inform future freshmen about CHS, the Peer Leaders Uniting Students (PLUS) team is holding tours around campus for all eighth graders and their parents every Wednesday after school for the next month.

“PLUS team is trying to make a more cohesive community on campus, where every one feels like they belong and feel safe or included in what’s happening,” senior Maria Rojas said.

The tours are held to inform eighth graders about the great accomplishment CHS has made. Hoping to persuade them into choosing this school.

“PLUS team wants to show the kids how great Carlsbad is, how great the facilities we have are and the programs around the school,” Rojas said. “We hope they can feel more informed on what Carlsbad is so that they will be more likely to choose Carlsbad when it comes to picking a high school.”

With the members of PLUS team, the eighth graders felt excited to be a Lancer.

“The tour guides were really welcoming,” eighth grader Ella Pines said. “They made me feel more relaxed for high school. I am really excited to experience high school at CHS.”

Eighth graders who attended the tours acquired knowledge that helps them think about not only their high school experience but their future.

“The eighth graders get information on requirements they need in order to graduate, popular extra curricular activities, some school sports and academic programs such as AVID, film making and speech and debate,” Rojas said.

The tours opened up more opportunities to the eighth graders, who now know what they can participate in.

“I am a dancer and singer, so I can look in to the dance team,” Pines said. “I was on showstoppers, so they said they allow freshman on Encore. Hearing this makes me excited because it will allow me to meet new people.”

PLUS team hopes students can have a place where they look forward to going to school every day.

“We try to portray CHS as a place where students can feel comfortable when going to school, and feel as if they can really have a community that they love and has a lot of school spirit and pride,” Rojas said.

PLUS team hopes to guide the eighth graders into the CHS community, and prepare them for their next four years of school.

“We really hope the eighth graders appreciate the culture of Carlsbad,” Rojas said. “We have things that newer school don’t have and that makes a difference in a student’s high school experience. Carlsbad has a l0t to offer and wants to share it with future of Carlsbad.”