Australian exchange students in need of hosts

Megan Overbey, Writer

Following the sixteen-year-old tradition, the Australian exchange students are coming to Carlsbad in January. This program is organized through the PTSA, so all the money made goes back to the school.

Hosting an Australian is an opportunity to meet someone from a completely different part of the world and grant someone the chance to experience life in Southern California. It also gives the opportunity to learn about  the Australian way of life and see the difference between their culture and ours.

“Getting to meet people from another country and learning about the differences between the U.S. and Australia is amazing,” senior Carissa Darroch said. “It also provides us with the opportunity to go visit and stay with them in Australia.”

Hosting an Australian allows students to broaden their global perspective and to learn a little more about life across the globe.

“I am still in contact with both of my Australians,” Darroch said. “My first Australian is actually coming back in June to stay with me and experience more of America.”

If you are interested in hosting an Australian, please contact Kym Szalkiewicz at [email protected] or call 760-703-2379 for more information.