New Orchestra teacher joins CHS


Hannah Kellermeyer

Mrs.Allen conducts Chamber Orchestra during first period.This is Mrs.Allen first year teaching orchestra at Carlsbad High School.

Karissa Lynaugh, Writer

This school year, CHS welcomes new orchestra teacher, Mrs. Allen, to the staff. Playing the oboe since fourth grade and eventually pursuing this in college, Mrs. Allen joins Carlsbad with plenty of experience.

She has played with the Corona Symphony Orchestra, the San Diego symphony, as well as local play and musical companies. With her experience, Mrs. Allen hopes to expand the orchestra program at Carlsbad High. She is also looking to reach out to students who may not be familiar with instruments like orchestra members.

“You do not have to play an instrument to be a musician, and I would love to start a class for people who want to learn any instrument, whether it is a beginning guitar class or even a song writing class,” Mrs. Allen said.

Regardless of the instrument a student plays or the background experience that student brings, Mrs. Allen is dedicated to being a supportive mentor for all orchestra students. As she applies her own experience as a former oboe player, Mrs. Allen looks to a unique way of teaching which provides a fresh approach for students.

“Mrs. Allen is really fun and energetic,” freshman cello section leader Caroline Allen said. “Knowing what she wants to hear from us, and aware of our capabilities, she pushes us to achieve success in a fun way. She also values our opinion on the music and makes sure everyone feels involved.”

Mrs. Allen wants students to have a proactive voice in the classroom, in order to make the overall learning experience more enjoyable for everyone. Currently, orchestra is busy with several upcoming events.

“There is a big festival in the Orange County Performing Arts Center that we will be performing at in April,” Mrs. Allen said.

Although Mrs. Allen inspires her students, she feels this relationship is a two-way street.

“I am always surprised at  how much insight students have in music and life,” Mrs. Allen said.  “As adults, I do not think we give high school students enough credit. I like to see students talking in class and see that they can feel comfortable saying something that is beyond their years and not be ridiculed for it.”

With her unique teaching style and the upcoming events for orchestra, Mrs. Allen looks forward to this school year.

“I am really excited to be here,” Mrs. Allen said. “So far everyone is so welcoming. I have never felt such as sense of community as I do here, and I have been to a lot of places and schools.”