College and Career Night comes to Carlsbad


Hannah Kellermeyer

Monday, Oct. 6, students filled into the both gyms in hopes to figure out their future plans. Students were able to talk to representative and learn more about each college.

Karissa Lynaugh, Writer

Monday, Oct. 6 was a night which further prepared students for the next chapter of their lives: college. The event was a success with colleges, universities and numerous students attending. Both students and parents covered the campus from 6-8 p.m. as representatives from colleges all throughout the nation held informational booths.

Many colleges attended, including the University of California San Diego, San Diego State University and the University of California Irvine, to name a few local ones. Students could choose to visit a booth in order to talk with admission representatives from the college of their choice. While there was a vast range of different colleges here to be of assistance, there were also professionals representing different careers that students may be interested in pursuing.

Universities held booths with pamphlets and representatives waiting to be of assistance to any interested students and parents. Outside, attendees were provided with food from multiple food vendor trucks as well as performances outside in the plaza.

“This event allows us to look at all the college opportunities we have,” senior Nicole Graber said. “Talking with representatives from each university was really helpful.”

Just the word “college” brings stress upon students, but this night intends to ease the nerves of students hoping to attend college after graduating from CHS. Students had their questions answered by representatives who know first hand what the university is like. This provides them with the unique opportunity to learn more about a college without having to physically visit the campus, particularly helping those who seek to attend schools out of state.

The University of California Irvine was eager to answer any questions or concerns posed by attendees of the College Career Night. Carmen Vickers, a student ambassador to UCI explained why her university attends this event.

“We recognize applying to college can be overwhelming,” Vickers said. “We intend students to gain more information while we answer questions they may have.”

The information students gained from college and career night can help them better prepare for their future and most of all feel more relaxed with all their questions and concerns put to rest.

“I would recommend this event to students next year who are interested in college because they can find out everything about the schools they are interested in,” Graber said.