Waffles win over the masses


Adoley Swaniker

Boxd in downtown Carlsbad has quickly become a favorite among residents. The restaurant specializes in both sweet and savory waffles.

Hanna Seemann, writer

Various restaurants and boutiques line the streets of the Village, creating Carlsbad’s unique flavor. Among all these, Boxd catches the eye–a recycled shipping container emitting the smell of delicious waffles. Opened in July of 2012, Boxd attracts Carlsbad locals and tourists alike.

“The trailer idea was cool; we saw it and decided ‘lets do that,'” employee Peter Murrah said. “We started Boxd and just liked waffles, so decided to sell them. The trailer is nice and open to the people.”

Located at the corner of State Street and Carlsbad Village Drive, Boxd offers a small park for visitors to lounge and relish in their scrumptious treat. Dogs are not allowed–a small problem for some visitors–but most will enjoy eating without the worry of sneaky pets stealing their lunch.

“I come here often,” Carlsbad resident Maria Cornejo said. “They have great waffles, and the fence is nice too; the kids can run around, and we do not have to worry about them running into the street–and the train, the kids love the train.”

Even though many Carlsbad residents do not know much about Boxd, it has received quite a bit of publicity; charities interested in the recycled trailer and other ‘green’ aspects also stop by to ask questions.

“We live in Julian, and we came all the way down to try the waffles,” Janalee Murphy said. “We heard Jimmy Kimmel on the news talking about it, and we thought it was worth coming down to try. It’s just as good as he said; the waffle batter is amazing, and it goes well with anything”

Even with all this attention coming to Boxd, still, it remains a small restaurant. For those curious in the quirky restraunt, its waffles cost up to ten dollars, and the menu includes delicious combinations for breakfast and lunch (and dessert–of course). They only take a few minutes to gobble up, making Boxd a convenient lunch destination.

“The trailer is unique and works well here,” employee Vincent Zellefrow said. “People walk up and ask what it is–and then eat a waffle.”