Vinaka’s vibes captivate students


Adoley Swaniker

Junior, Kamden Maas, studies at Vinakas Cafe. Vinakas offers a quiet and relaxing environment for students to work in. This cafe is a top study spot amongst students at CHS.

The local Carlsbad coffee shop, Vinaka Cafe, serves as an ideal study environment for students to hit the books, either alone or with their fellow classmates, while sipping on a delicious cup of organic coffee.

“Vinaka is different than the average coffee shop,” junior Grady McDermott said. “It has character and is unique to Carlsbad.”

Vinaka’s relaxing atmosphere appeals to many students at Carlsbad High. Students typically spend anywhere from one to four hours studying at Vinaka; some even go there up to three times a week to grab a tasty drink or pastry and hit the books. Many even form study groups with fellow classmates and meet up at the local café.

 “It’s a good place to gather with a bunch of friends because there is a lot of space, which is better than school or going to your house,” Vinaka employee Ashley Bohm said. “We get lots of really big study groups, especially on Saturday nights from the high school and Mira Costa.”

Although many coffee shops exist in Carlsbad, something about the atmosphere and mood of this local spot keeps students coming back for more. It gives them a chance to gather with friends and motivate one another to work or study.

“I like studying there with friends because it changes up the typical study routine, and its really unique and has a relaxing environment that helps ease some of the stress,” McDermott said. “Plus, they have really great drinks and neat employees.”

Whether they’re studying with friends or alone, Vinaka seems to be the place where people manage to get things accomplished. They can choose how to manage their time and learn which study techniques work best for themselves.

“Personally, I benefit from studying alone because I get off topic and want to talk about irrelevant things,” junior Lizzy Grove said. “But when I am away from home and alone with a good drink, I can completely focus and get my work done.”

Distractions at home may cause students to lose concentration, but while drinking a cup of Vinaka’s organic coffee, they are able to center in on their schoolwork. Vinaka’s popularity has been blooming, resulting in the tendency to become packed rather quickly before events, such as monstrous tests.

“During finals week, it was way too crowded, loud and distracting,” Grove said. “When it gets super crowded, it interferes with my studying, but in most cases seeing all the other people working around me motivates me and makes me want to get to work, too.”

Vinaka’s sensational vibe, drinks, food, employees and other concentrated customers all add to the overall relaxing, positive experience one partakes in while there.

“It’s great because you get caffinated, which is a good idea if you’re going to be studying a long time,” Bohn said. “Vinaka is a great study atmosphere for everyone.”