Eighth graders get a taste of high school


Danny Tajimaroa

Junior and PLUS member Hannah Kellermeyer runs through her script during a practice tour. Eighth grade tours have begun and are on Wednesdays through March 5.

Kitty Knorr and Talia Cain

For the very first time, CHS offers eighth graders a preview of the school. The ASB room welcomes a group of nervous kids wearing sports jerseys, sparkly barrettes who cling close to their parents, ready to explore new territory.

Mrs. Penrod gathered together Carlsbad’s Peer Leaders Uniting Students Team to lead tours around the school.  The P.L.U.S. leaders utilize this great opportunity to unite students and play an active role in the community.

“The tours will allow eighth graders to get a better feel of the school,” senior Yasaman Samsamshariat said. “They can see campus, kids and the sports’ fields.”

Introducing the next generation of high schoolers is no easy feat. However, the tour is a well-run, 30 min. sneak-peak of a four-year commitment. Peer leaders like Samsamshariat make stops at certain facilities and give insight on classes and programs the school offers.

“I think the tours are a great idea,” Mrs. King said. “I teach the computer classes, and we offer courses for every class from freshmen to the seniors.”

The tour is not only beneficial to students and parents, but teachers get the chance to share their own useful tips.

“There is a class called Virtual Enterprise. We create a business, and everyone has a different position–throughout the year we compete at trade fairs,” King said. “The class counts for students’ economic requirements as well as Mira Costa credit.”

The tours act as an extension to the community. Nowadays, Carlsbad’s pre-teens deal with choosing between C-bad and Sage Creek High School. Touring campus gives families a closer look at their options. Kids and adults are able to ask questions and hear what real CHS students have to say. Choosing what high school feels right can seem overwhelming, but P.L.U.S. leaders do their best to make the process a little easier.