Australian exchange students arrive


Marianna Marsden

From Jan. 9th to the 20th, Australians were given host families from CHS. They spent 10 days exploring San Diego and creating memories.

Exchange students from all over Australia arrive in California for an experience of a lifetime. Through a program called Educational World Travel, Australian students are given the opportunity to visit either China, Vietnam, Turkey, Cambodia, Egypt, Morocco or the United States for a short-term exchange program.

“I have always wanted to come to America – especially California,” Australian exchange student Taylor Sheridan said. “I love the beaches, sunsets, shopping, seeing the Hollywood sign and the atmosphere of LA.”

Students at Carlsbad High School have the chance to host these students; they are paired with an Australian student who has similar interests and are around their age. In addition to staying with an American family in Carlsbad, the group visits San Francisco, LA, Knott’s Berry Farm, Universal Studios, Disneyland and San Diego. They witness all of the unique features of California in a matter of just 19 days.

“I wanted to host an Australian exchange student because I have always wanted to go to Australia,” junior Autumn Neill said. “I thought it would be a good connection having an Australian stay with me and getting to know more about the country.”

Gaining an understanding of another country allows the host-students to become well-rounded and to take a break from their own lives to recognize cultures other than those they see every day. With so much to talk about, the students quickly recognize the many differences between the two countries. They get the opportunity to glance into life in another country

“My favorite part was meeting my exchange student and learning about how different her life is from mine over there,” junior Shauna Robey said. “They don’t get their licenses until they are eighteen, lingo differs, their schools have only about 700 kids at the most and even the public schools wear uniforms.”

While in America, the exchange students have the opportunity to meet many new people and fully see the different characteristics of teenagers here compared to those of Australia. The program creates friendships that can potentially last a lifetime. Starting off as complete strangers, the students bond with their host families and make connections that create a truly unforgettable trip.

“My exchange student and I have become super close,” Neill said. “We are talking about my family coming to stay with her in Australia in the future and when she can come back and visit me again.”