‘Mad for Plaid Day’ surpasses expectations


Jessica Streich

“Mad for Plaid” day on Thursday was organized by ASB to support the opening night of the annual fall comedy “On the Razzle” by Tom Stoppard. The show is set in 1906 Vienna, which was overrun by Scottish influence, so plaid became a recurring theme onstage.

Last Thursday, students donned plaid in a variety of clothes and colors to support the drama department’s fall production, “On the Razzle.” Theatre director Mrs. Hall invented ‘Mad for Plaid’ Spirit Day as a method of promoting the play, which took place on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Since the play takes place in Vienna, Austria where citizens had adopted the plaid trend from Scotland, many of the costumes reflect this fad. In addition, two characters regularly wear near-identical plaid capes, and mistaken identities occur as a result.

“I came up with the idea when I saw so many students wearing plaid so often,” Hall said. “I realized that it connected to our play because much of the story line has to do with plaid. I figured that we have so many spirit days supporting our sports teams, so why not have a day supporting the play?”

Countless students displayed their encouragement, even those not involved in the production.

“I’m wearing plaid today because I want to show my support for theatre,” junior Gunnar Sexton said. “I’m not in the play, but I do enjoy theatre, and I think it’s important to encourage them to keep doing what they love.”

The cast of “On the Razzle” sensed the immensity of students’ support, making them all the more excited to impress the audience that evening. Thus, Mrs. Hall’s brainstorm not only acheived its goal of raising recognition; it surpassed it.

“Mad for Plaid Day has been a great turn out. It’s so nice to see everyone support the play and the theatre department. It’s great knowing that people care about what we do, and it feels so nice when people want to see you doing what your most passionate about,” senior Zoe Brodsky said. “You can be anyone and anything as soon as you step on stage, and when you’re encouraged by your school, it’s just amazing.”