Gun debate intensifies

A drawing by Jeff Schaefer depicts the Peirs Morgan debate with Alex Jones regarding gun control.

A drawing by Jeff Schaefer depicts the Peirs Morgan debate with Alex Jones regarding gun control.

Julius Koch, staff writer

For years, gun control has been a controversial topic. Politicians and dedicated advocates argue fiercely on both sides. If an agreement is not met, no progress occurs.  The issue is then forgotten, shoved under the rug over and over again.

However, a recent series of events, involving a large amount of gun murder victims, forces the nation to come together once more to try and create a solution to stop the absurd murders.

Unfortunately, the ‘coming together’ doesn’t always work out so well. A prime example involves the debates on CNN’s “Piers Morgan Tonight” show. British citizen Morgan has admitted to have “taken a pretty strong stand” on guns in America. Over the last few weeks, his show has primarily featured gun debates between himself and gun advocates.

Apparently his strong opinion, often drowning out his opposition, has aroused a petition to deport him from the U.S., his current place of residence. The petition specifically declares that Morgan has attacked the second amendment and was signed by over 104 thousand people.

One of the main people behind the petition is Alex Jones, the founder of and host of “The Alex Jones Show,” a radio broadcast. Jones, who owns over fifty firearms himself, strongly opposes Morgan’s view which involves banning semi-automatic weapons.

On Jan 7, Jones came on the show to explain the reasoning behind the petition and to advocate his view on gun control. Things escalated quickly, involving quite a few significant remarks. A video of the debate correspondingly went viral on the web.

“1776 will commence again if you try to take our firearms,” Jones said. The show ended with Jones speaking in a British accent and calling Morgan “a foreigner and a redcoat that’s telling us what to do.”

Morgan hurt his own reputation when he called a guest “a very stupid man.”

Even though these common confrontations may seem ridiculous and unproductive, they demonstrate that gun control is a prevalent topic in our society and one that is being discussed to hopefully stop these meaningless murders. Hopefully, by continuing along this path, however difficult and tedious it may be, the nation can prevent horrendous acts, such as the Aurora movie theater and Sandy Hook Elementary shootings, from happening in the future.