Kicking off the school year with the Club Fair

Kicking off the school year with the Club Fair

Students from all grades gathered together on Friday to check out the clubs at the annual club fair..

Haley Spanier, Editor-In-Chief

As students gathered around the circle of tables in the quad, club members advertised their organizations with signs, candy and even costumes.

On Thursday, Sept. 7, the annual Club Fair was a success. With students signing up in all directions, club leaders were pleased with the turnout.

“I think clubs help build unity and spread school spirit,” said Joey Monaco, senior from KEY club. “They help to get students involved, meet new people and experience new things.”

Some clubs may receive more acknowledgment than others, so finding a certain group may seem difficult. However, the Club Fair gave smaller clubs a chance to show what they are all about. With around 50 clubs at CHS, there is a perfect organization for you, waiting to be found.

“Improv club doesn’t get recognized too often, so it’s nice to be out here with the bigger clubs to spark some recognition,” junior Evan Ridpath said.

From After War Support club to Juggling club to Speech and Debate the 2012 Club Fair provided a great way for students to become involved with the CHS campus.

High school can sometimes be difficult with lots of homework, presentations and projects. Clubs can also provide a way to keep your mind off of the stress.

“Clubs are great for the campus because they take pressure off of schoolwork,” said Lizzie Hardy, junior and fashion club leader.

Whether it’s making new friends, getting involved on and off campus or gaining community service hours, students can find the right club at CHS.

“The fair gets the word out to all the students,” senior Alix Naugler said. “It helps them get to know us.”

If you were not able to visit the Club Fair, School Loop lists all existing clubs and organizations, so be sure to visit to get more information on any club.