New superintendent greets students on first day of school

New superintendent greets students on first day of school

Superintendent Lovely shares her photoshop knowledge with a student in Mrs. King’s digital photography class.

Jack Beetham, editor-in-chief

Unlike most who arrive nervously with oversized backpacks and a plethora of pencils and paper, Carlsbad’s new superintendent walked humbly up to the front office to visit the high school campus the first day of school. Superintendent Suzette D. Lovely aimed to observe one of the many schools who start school activity today.

The former teacher and principal visited the campus this morning with high hopes and was not let down. The contributed work of a community was on display, shown through the new buildings and various facilities.

“It feels almost like a community college,” Lovely said. “It’s exciting and will be a great help to other educators and students.”

Lovely has a deep understanding of being a high quality educator and has the experience needed to fulfill her new occupation. She began her career in education as an elementary school teacher.

“I started as a teacher and then later became an Assistant Principal for about six years,” Lovely said. “I then went on to become a principal and Director of an elementary school, finally becoming this district’s Superintendent”

Superintendent Lovely brought an encouraging attitude for all students and hopes to bring a fresh perspective to the district and school board.

“Today I want to see how the school is starting” Lovely said. “It’s the first of something for both me and the students here at CHS.”

Although Lovely showed enthusiasm for the new buildings, she also made sure to state how education goes deeper than the modern school environment.

“Schools equipment can help educators and learners, but schools are more than just the building,” Lovely said.

The technology and aesthetics can help students, but will not provide results without the outstanding work of teachers and faculty members.

Students often fear the first day of school and many freshman dread the butterflies in their stomachs. To help this apprehension, Superintendent Suzette D. Lovely suggests making friends and meeting new people.

“Embrace the opportunity you have here,” Lovely said. “But most of all, have fun.”