Lancer Dancers win national competition


Lancer Dancers compete in the UDA National Champiuonships held in Florida

Jack Beetham, editor-in-chief

The weekend of Feb. 4-5, the Carlsbad dance teams, the Lancers Dancers and Xcalibur, traveled to Florida to compete in the Universal Dance Association’s National Dance Team Championships. Training up to thirty-five hours a week, the dancers perfected choreography in order to bring home the most-sought after white jackets and National Championship in varsity hip hop for the second year in a row.

“For me, as a captain of the team, it was a big deal. I wanted to make it something to remember because it was my last year on the team,” senior Camille Posard said.

Since the beginning of January, the dancers trained, working for five weeks before traveling to Florida to compete. Dancers had to sacrifice hanging out with friends and time they could have been doing homework for their team.

“I sacrificed much of my social life and put forth all my energy and focus towards the competition,” junior Christina Pecore said. “It was my first time on the team so I wanted to make sure I devoted all my hard work to my new teammates and Nationals.”

The UDA competition consisted of over 300 teams in various categories; teams were allowed to compete in two categories. The pressure built as the time grew closer to competing.

“I gave it my all to handle the pressure. I tried to bottle it all down and focus on the task at hand. Every time before we danced, we as a team, came together and had talks and motivational gatherings to help us focus,” sophomore Taylor Kullman said.

Winning first place in small varsity hip hop and eleventh in small varsity jazz the Lancer Dancers came home to Carlsbad feeling satisfied and accomplished. Winning Nationals in hip hop for the second year in a row, the varsity Lancer Dancers now hold the bar high for future competitors.

“I don’t know how to describe it. It was an experience of a lifetime. As cliche as that sounds I never will forget the team and competition. The feeling now is indescribable,” sophomore Hannah Webb said.