Lancer plaza now open to students

Ashley Perez, Assistant Editor

Men in safety hats working behind eyesore fences have become all too familiar for Carlsbad High School students. Although the construction seems endless, evidence of its progress emerged as the plaza opened to students Friday, October 15.

The plaza’s construction began over summer and took the place of the former quad and amphitheater area. Since these areas were heavily populated last year, the construction proved inconvenient, forcing hundreds of students to seek new places to sit at lunch.

“Oh, I just love the obnoxious construction in the background,” Sophomore Riley Hoffman said sarcastically.

Students have been less than happy about the constant construction. However, the opening of the plaza brought relief to the most overpopulated areas of the school.

“I used to eat lunch on the stairs,” Freshman Jenna Murray said. “Now, I can eat on an actual table. This area is way more sanitary.”

Students were not just excited about having a place to eat. The feel and look of the plaza  impressed the underclassmen and seems to have received their stamp of approval.

“The plaza is awesome!” Murray said. “It feels open, clean and fresh. I liked the grass too!”

While the students may be satisfied with the new addition to our school, Mrs. Stanchi assured us that there is even more in store for them in the future.

“The giant C still needs to be stained purple,” Stanchi said. “The next step in construction are the classrooms. The buildings should be completed by December 2011.”