Kickin’ it with Kistler in Chemistry


Courtesy of Karl Kistler

Kistler’s second period Chemistry Honors class looks forward to a day of learning.

Jordan Forman, Reporter

Carlsbad High offers a wide variety of courses for students; among them is chemistry. Karl Kistler is one teacher on campus who offers a unique learning experience for his students.

Kistler is the chemistry teacher for both regular and advanced courses and he has taught at Carlsbad for over 30 years. For Kistler, the best part about being a teacher is the connections he makes with his students. 

“My favorite part about teaching is having wonderful kids that are excited about learning, responsible and respectful,” Kistler said. 

Coming from a long line of teachers, Kistler was inspired to go into the field. His family was his biggest inspiration to start teaching. 

“I come from a family of teachers,” Kistler said. “My grandpa was a teacher at Ohio State, my mom taught here for longer than any teacher ever has. We have lots of teachers in the family. I went into teaching because I wanted to give something back.” 

Junior Jameson Metsch is currently enrolled in Kistler’s Chemistry Honors class. For Metsch, the fun and engaging environment is the best part of the class.

“My favorite part about being in Mr. Kistler’s class is definitely how he makes the class really fun and exciting,” Metsch said. “I think he is a great teacher.” 

Oftentimes, chemistry can be one of the more challenging subjects for students. Metsch shared why he has been so successful in this class. 

“Mr. Kistler has a very personal connection with his students,” Metsch said. “I always feel very comfortable going up and asking him questions. I think that has helped a lot with my learning.”

Kistler provides a communicative environment for his students. Metsch explains why this class has been such a positive experience.

“The class has definitely been a positive experience for me because the learning environment is actually fun,” Metsch said. “I enjoy going to that class, I enjoy being with the people in that class, listening to Mr. Kistler’s funny jokes and learning about chemistry.”

Students respond to Kistler’s unique teaching style. He is easily accessible and he makes connections with each of his students. 

“His teaching style is quite different from a lot of other teachers,” Metsch said. “I feel like a lot of other teachers have a ‘this is the curriculum, this is what you have to do’ style of teaching, whereas Mr. Kistler is more involved with his students.”

Kistler is an important part of the Carlsbad community. He makes connections with each of his students to help them succeed. Metsch shared why chemistry with Kistler has been a memorable experience for his junior year. 

“Mr. Kistler really allows the students to learn and perform their best in his class,” Metsch said.