Younglife Club comes to Carlsbad


Photo courtesy of Scott Rubin

Younglife Lunch Club Crew gathers together to smile for a photo at the end of Club after enjoying time with their friends.

Cassidy Taylor, Assistant Editor

Younglife club is an enjoyable and interactive club that takes place at Carlsbad High school in room 7107 every Wednesday. The club consists of exciting games, eating pizza, and hanging out with friends. All students are welcome to explore more about God and themselves through readings of the bible. The club is led by Scott Rubin, a long-time member of the Younglife organization.

“Anybody is welcome; most people find out about Younglife because a friend has invited them,” Rubin said. “Younglife club is a place where students can come and enjoy being with other students, have a good time, blow off steam, build their friendships, and hear about faith and Jesus in a non-threatening way.”

Many students who have made Younglife lunch club a part of their week have found that it has made a great impact in their lives. From the aspect of friends to faith, Younglife Club has changed students’ lives completely. Rachel Kann and Ava Fletcher, sophomores at Carlsbad High School, attend the club every Wednesday.

“Younglife club is where I have met so many of my friends and it introduced me to who Jesus is,” Kann said. “So it has really become a huge part of my life.”

The club is an inviting place where all students are able to form new bonds and friendships. No matter where a student is on their journey of faith, they are able to come to Younglife and learn more.

“It is a great place for people to belong and feel included on campus, and it is something to look forward to,” Rubin said. “I think a lot of students come and it is the brightest part of their week.”

Younglife is a place of support which allows students to explore their faith alongside their peers. Students who are not interested in faith are still able to come and be with their friends while also enjoying a slice of pizza.

“My favorite part of Younglife club is just hanging out with all of my friends and getting to eat pizza,” Fletcher said. “For me, it is like a second home and a place for me to hang out with my friends on a deeper level.”

Fletcher is one of many students who has found Younglife to be a huge part of her life. It is a place for all students to come together without fear of judgment and always a guaranteed good time.

“My favorite part about Younglife is when everyone is just genuinely enjoying themselves, laughing and having a good time,” Rubin said.

Younglife club invites students to express themselves without worry of judgment. Many students spend their entire week looking forward to 12:45 on Wednesday where they can spend their lunch at Younglife Club making unforgettable memories.

“I really think for a lot of folks, Younglife is the highlight of their week and if they did not have it life would not be as much fun and as meaningful,” Rubin said.