A club to express creativity

Students find friends through acting games.


Wendy Maddox

Cinjun Chiniquy directs Wyatt Van Halen and Charlie Larson in an improv game during a drama club meeting.

Maddy Ambrose, Reporter

Drama club accepts all that are interested in theatrical arts. Skill level does not matter as long as there is commitment to the arts and to attending the club’s events.

In drama club, members have roles. Sophomore Haru Lopez is a member and the main event coordinator. Being an event coordinator can be a time consuming job, but Lopez works hard in her role.

“I am the main event coordinator,” Lopez said. “So pretty much for shows like the Red Velvet Cake War which was our fall play, I kinda just designed and placed up decorations we have in the front house to fit the theme of it and I am pretty much a decorator.”

The students in the drama club play improv games to improve their skills. These games help the members of the club prepare for improvisation situations that could happen in a show.

“We get to play improv games with people that are not in comedy sports, and we get to give them a taste of what we do every Monday,” senior Cinjun Chiniquy said.

Chiniquy is a student in the drama club. His favorite game to play with the drama club is “My Movie”, one of the more frequent games that they play.

“We do things like ‘My Movie’, ‘New Choice’, ‘Scantron’, and there are just so many improv games that we play at comedy sports practice,” Chiniquy said.

Drama club welcomes all students to join. If they are not a part of theater at Carlsbad, drama club allows students to become aware of shows that are going on at school and outside of school.

“We tell people who are interested in drama what’s going on in their department, [and] what plays are going on,” Chiniquy said.

Drama club is an all-inclusive environment where students can foster bonds and social connections with fellow club members that carry outside of the club. Lopez shares their experience.

“I really like bonding with some people,” Lopez said. “It’s really nice and you meet people you thought you would never meet.”