Film Academy offers alternative to traditional classes


Wendy Maddox

Film Academy students record scenes from “Akrasia”, a movie about the seven deadly sins. This course encourages students to explore their passions in moviemaking.

Isaac Chavez, Reporter

Film Academy is a program where students can express their passion for movies and film. Along with the program supporting young filmmakers, it also gives students an alternative to a regular English and History class after their freshman year.

Most students who love films want more than a book. While students still read books in this class, movies are equally important to the teachers and students as a part of the program.

“Once I found out that there was a film class for English and History I didn’t hesitate [to enroll],” junior Joseph Dlugos said.

This is not the only benefit the film academy offers. As a sophomore or junior if a student earns a B or better in both English and History, they have the chance to take a test that rewards them college credit. It also covers the regular English and History credits needed to graduate.

“It was really what led me to join the Film Academy at first, ” senior Scott Lane said. “After that I fell in love with film.”

Benefits like earning college credit are what teacher Jeff Brandmeyer envisioned when helping to create this program. Beyond that, Brandmeyer believes that the lessons that are taught in Film Academy will be useful beyond high school.

“Really kinda see it as a core group of people who support one another which can happen in any career or field,” Brandmeyer said.

It’s one thing for the teacher to believe that the knowledge gained from the film academy will be useful beyond high school. It’s another thing when students believe that for themselves.

“I think the general skills we learn like teamwork and balancing other people’s schedules are some of the most important things we can take from a class like this,” Dlugos said.

As a result of these general skills, students in the film academy have the utmost respect for the teachers involved in this program.

“I think the class feels so interesting because of our teachers,” Lane said. “When I first joined sophomore year, I felt that Mrs. Livingstone and Mr. Jones were some of the most interactive teachers I had ever had, and when I met Mr. Brandmeyer it was the same.”