The Mancers dance the night away


Courtesy of Amanda Shaffer

The Mancers and Lancer Dancers ready to preform at their annual winter showcase.

Brooke Ferguson

Each year, the dance program puts on their annual winter show. This showcase displays routines from the Lancer Dancers, XCALIBUR, CHS Dance PE classes, and lastly a crowd favorite, the Mancer dancers. The Mancer dancers are a group of boys from all grade levels who perform with a varsity dance member.  

Senior Scarlett Walker, a two-year dancer on LD experienced firsthand what it was like working with the Mancers. 

“It was so much fun,” Walker said. “Taking people who don’t normally dance and putting them on stage is such a fun process.” 

Walker danced with senior Jovan Espinoza during the showcase. As a duo, they learned two dances together, practicing and perfecting their routine. 

“Jovan is the best Mancer dancer I could have asked for,” Walker said. “The dedication was unexpected but I’m so grateful for it.”

Espinoza’s experience with the Mancers has been nothing short of exceptional, and he enjoys being a part of the team for many reasons. 

“My favorite part about being a Mancer is learning the dance routine with all my friends,” Espinoza said.

The Mancers have formed strong bonds with each other since they first started dancing together. They practiced twice a week, but junior Curt White has been preparing for much longer. 

“We have been practicing for four weeks,” White said. “But realistically, I have been preparing for this day my whole life.”

Being picked as a Mancer was a great accomplishment for White as he is finally able to demonstrate his talent to the community.  

“I was very happy when I was chosen to be a Mancer because I would finally be able to show everyone what I got,” White said. 

White has been working hard these past few weeks along with his fellow Mancers. While training, they are still able to be themselves and have fun.

“My favorite thing about being a Mancer is expressing my feelings through the intricate art form of dance,” White said. “This is my life’s calling. I was born ready.”

After much preparation, the Mancers were able to showcase their skills at the 2021 Winter showcase. 

“I feel honored to be chosen to be a Mancer and do this dance with all these amazing other Mancers,” Espinoza said.