Freshman class plans during Covid-19

Kaitlin Ferguson, Assistant Editor

Transitioning from middle school to high school is a big step. Normally this transition includes school sporting events, clubs and rallies where freshmen can meet new friends and adjust to life in high school. Class of 2024’s class presidents are inspired to find new and creative ways to connect, engage and come together during the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Romie Coffler and Veronica Torres wanted to be involved with their class when they came to Carlsbad High School. Both have always been inspired since they were little. 

“My sister, she always brought me to the football games, and I was just like, ‘Oh my gosh, I really really want to be part of this school,’ and I chose to run for president because I thought that that would bring me closer to the school,” Coffler said. 

Being a face of the freshman class, Torres has always wanted to go to CHS and be involved and encourage other students to be included too. 

“I tried for a Vice President because my parents went to Carlsbad and they were never really involved with anything and they were kind of like outsiders, so I wanted to change that and get involved with the school, and I was really excited to go to Carlsbad, so I wanted to get close to it,” Torres said.

During this time on remote schooling, they have been working to keep students connected. They have encouraged students to participate in virtual activities via social media which keeps students and their parents engaged. 

“Last week we did this little thing where there were different questions on our story and I think over 100 people responded to them. And we feel that it’s just kind of fun to answer those silly questions and I think that’s a good way to keep our followers engaged with our account,” Torres said. 

It has been difficult for the freshman class to meet one another, as students have come from many different middle schools. They plan to organize fun things for the students so they can meet each other and get to know their classmates. 

I’m really excited to hopefully go back to school and meet everybody and wish everybody a good year

— Romie Coffler (9)

“We want to try something out where we do a little get together where some students can join online to have some teachers supervise, and you can just do fun icebreakers,” Coffler said. “Because there’re so many kids in our grade, and I think it’s really important that kids are meeting one another.”

With many freshmen staying home, and some attending school, they are looking forward to what this year will bring. They want to make sure everyone has a great year through all of this.  

“I’m really excited to hopefully go back to school and meet everybody and wish everybody a good year,” Coffler said.