An arising club for academic help

Sophia Weis, Editor in Chief

Since the beginning of distance learning, learning virtually has proved difficult for many students. CHS Mathletes aims to help students further their education virtually through tutoring and one-on-one help. They tutor all subjects and all tutoring is free for students. Matthew Kim and Risbab Bora head the mathletes club.

“We thought we should at least have a free direct tutoring program where [students] will have the resources or have some support if necessary to not only get help with a subject but to help ease out their stress,” Junior President Matthew Kim said. “It’s a good way to not only help others but to connect with other [students]. This also allows for [tutors] to get community service hours during this pandemic without putting themselves at risk.”

Through this club, Kim and other tutors are able to help the community while also practicing the necessary safety precautions. Signing up to be a tutor in CHS Mathletes also allows for students to gain volunteer hours virtually. As a tutee, students of all grade levels are given the opportunity for extra guidance from their peers.

“We have weekly meetings on Wednesdays at one o’clock so if you have any club meetings after advisory you can still go to that,” Sophomore Vice President Risab Bora said. “We just go over our new developments in our club and if anybody wants to sign up for tutoring we have a Google Form which you can just sign and type in what subject you want tutoring in and if you want you can type in someone specific you would want to get tutored by so it’s just a great way for the underclassmen to reach out to people who are older than them.”

Bora and Kim planned the meetings around advisory as well as other club meetings to ensure that students won’t have to make sacrifices with other clubs for their education. All tutors involved in this club strive to make a lasting impression on our high school and bring a free tutoring service to Carlsbad.

More specifics and details about CHS Mathletes.

“For me personally last year I found study groups really helpful for myself to succeed in my classes and our club definitely offers that in almost any subject,” Bora said. “You can find a study group, you can meet up before the test or quiz and get your questions cleared and I think it is going to be very helpful for people who join.”

Finding a positive and beneficial study group for your tougher classes can make the year smoother for many students. CHS Mathletes sounds like a thriving club, but it is new and they are facing trouble finding students who would like to be tutored.

“We’re just having trouble actually publicizing the club,” Freshmen Romie Coffler said. “We have so many great tutors, we’re just waiting for some more kids [to join the club].”

So far, finding tutees for the club is one of the largest struggles Mathletes is facing. Due to the lack of in-person school, it can be quite hard to find out about ways to get help and sign up for a club but Mathletes is open and taking members.

“There’s tons of benefits that come with CHS mathletes! Students will be getting one-on-one help, help with almost every subject, and it’s free!” Coffler said. “Tutors are making a huge difference on campus, will be enhancing their resume, and be able to get community service hours.”