13 Reasons Why makes a comeback this May

After a long wait, season 2 of the Netflix hit series, Thirteen Reasons Why, is coming out on May 18. With so many questions, fans have no idea what to expect for the new season. Now that season 2 will be focused on Hannah’s long awaited trial, the real reason behind her suicide will be exposed.¬†The show ended on a cliff hanger leaving the audience with millions of questions about what will happen next.

Season 2 will be bringing back the lead characters, including Hannah and newcomers. The only things that we know so far is: 1. We’ll see other people’s perspectives on Hannah’s story, 2. There will be a new narrator, meaning no more tapes, 3. Jessica continues to recover and return back to her normal life, 4. The way both men and women are raised and treated is portrayed, and 5. Bryce will hopefully get what he deserves.

In the new released trailers, it is shown that the polaroid pictures will be key to the new episodes, possibly replacing the tapes from season 1. This season is focused on Hannah’s trial, bringing up many past events that led to her suicide. It will also shed light on unanswered questions from season 1 such as Zach’s business in the photo room and his guns, what the Baker’s will do with the tapes, what happens to Bryce and more. Now that the Baker’s have the tapes and interviews from Hannah’s peers, they will most likely play a big role in the case against the high school.

When the show was first released, there was a lot of controversy on the topics of suicide, rape and LGBTQ+ being included in the show. After the release, SPRC (Suicide Prevention Resource Center) received many questions and concerns about the series which were all answered on their website. This new season is set to focus more on these issues, bringing more hope to audiences than last time. Along with the new season, the cast will be recording new content warnings and explaining what viewers can do if they are affected by the series in any way.

Now that the show has brought these issues into light, high schoolers will have a new, deeper understanding of these problems further helping to prevent tragic events such as these to occur in their lives.