Investment Club encourages financial literacy


Photo courtesy of Jack Campbell

Investment Club members gather at one of their first meetings where they discussed indexes and their role in the markets.

Brooke Ferguson

There is a new club at Carlsbad High School which has helped students learn valuable financial skills they will use for the rest of their lives. The CHS Investment Club is created to educate the future youth in Carlsbad on the markets and economics that run the country. 

Junior Jack Campbell is the president of the club and has learned a lot of new life skills in a short amount of time. The investment club prioritizes the importance on how to properly save and spend money. 

“Our club really focuses on learning and teaching our members the importance of investing through practice,” Campbell said. “This hands-on approach to a club is really unique to the CHS Investment Club.” 

The interactive activities the students do in the club have given them an idea of what investing is all about in the real world. Junior Grant Dean, also a member of the club, hopes to encourage more students to join. 

“We meet every other Friday in room 7203,” Dean said. “The club definitely helps students get a better idea on investment opportunities.” 

Being a part of the club teaches students more about American financial system and how to make smarter decisions with money. It’s also a unique opportunity to bring friends and meet new people who have similar life goals. 

“I wanted to learn more about how to make smart decisions financially and be more prepared for the future,” junior Gabe Bensen said, another member of the club. “I also love hanging out with all of my friends while learning valuable lessons.”

Overall, the club has helped these students become wiser with the choices they make financially. Although learning about money is not always a fun discussion, it has given students a chance to make bonds with more people. 

“More people should definitely join the club,” Dean said. “It is a great way to learn about real world scenarios.”