A blank canvas: AP Art students paint new mural


Courtesy of Kelly Foulk

AP Art students paint the new mural in front of the ASB room following the AP test.

Hannah Lewis, Reporter

CHS offers amazing pathways and classes for every type of student. While some indulge in the intensive sports at CHS or rigorous classes, some have also found a way to express their creative side in Kelly Foulk’s AP Art class.  

Junior Frankie Callahan has been enrolled in art classes for three years, completing the entire pathway at CHS. Taking AP Art this year was definitely a challenge, but it provides Callahan with an outlet for her talent. 

“I chose to do AP Art because I have always loved art, and it’s something that I’m really passionate about,” Callahan said. “Therefore the mural really fulfilled my interests and allowed me to express myself on a giant canvas.”

Following the AP Art test which involves a year’s work of a specially curated portfolio for each student, Foulk and her art students have found a way to have some fun at the end of the year. The students decided on designing a mural on campus. 

“The mural we are painting is kind of a landscape with a moon and a woman and lots of bright colors,” Callahan said. 

Junior Zoe Kilcoin is another AP Art student that had the opportunity to take part in the creation and production of the mural. Following the intensity of the class all year round, the mural allowed the students to feel the freedom to create something collectively. 

“We kind of got to choose which one spoke to us and then everyone agreed to do a little bit at a time to help out in creating the mural,” Kilcoin said. 

The mural is a very unique opportunity for the students as it allows them to work on a much bigger canvas. This has also provided the artists with a chance to showcase their talents with the CHS community. The mural is near the quad of the school allowing the students artwork to be seen by students and faculty every day. 

“I really love making the mural because it allows me to work on a much larger scale which we would usually not be able to do,” Callahan said. 

But the mural isn’t just a simple piece of art. While the AP Art students are working together to create the mural, they also each get to add a piece of themselves into the mural as well. This has allowed them to create their unique mark on campus and demonstrate their talent as a class as well as individually. 

“Everyone gets to add a little bit of themselves to the mural which makes it really fun,” Callahan said. 

The mural has given the students a creative outlet and will also benefit the CHS campus in the future. It adds a fresh pop of color to the campus helping make CHS a reflection of all students’ unique passions, interests and talents. 

“We’ve been painting it in groups little by little each day and it’s cool to see it come together,” Kilcoin said. 

 AP Art allows the students to channel their emotions and creative visions into the mural and has helped make the conclusion of the school year really special for the artists. The students’ collaboration on the mural serves as a reflection of the overwhelming amount of talent students have and also represents each student’s unique passions. 

“The AP Art class definitely has a high level of rigor, but you’re surrounded by so many amazing and talented artists,” Callahan said. “Being able to end the year off working collectively on something the entire school will be able to enjoy is really cool.”