Best Buddies Club creates lasting friendships


Gabi Roller

Members of Best Buddies Club meet during lunch on Thursdays to hang out with each other.

Grace Fisher, Managing Editor

Carlsbad High School offers many interesting and exciting clubs for students to become involved in. The Best Buddies Club is special to many students on campus because it fosters friendships between the members. The club meets every week to do fun activities that everyone can join.

The Best Buddies Club allows students to spend time and build relationships with kids who have special needs. Junior Rachel Kann is a member of the club and explains what it offers to CHS.

Best Buddies is a club at Carlsbad High and all over the country that gives us an amazing space to hang out with the awesome kids at our school who have special needs,” Kann said. “Best Buddies offers a space for any and all people at our school to hang out together.”

The club meets every week on Thursdays at lunch, so if students miss the week before they can always stop by the next week. Senior Mitchell Gibson and president of Best Buddies Club talks about where you can get involved in this club and participate in its activities. 

“Best Buddies meets at lunch on the parking lot side of the 4000 building,” Gibson said. “As you get to know people, we’ll match you with a buddy that you can develop a friendship with.”

Best Buddies is very important and means a lot to many of the students and staff at CHS. This club is inclusive to everyone, and it allows all students to create new friendships and to enjoy time with each other during lunch. 

“The Best Buddies Club means community and friendship for me,” Gibson said. “I’ve met so many awesome people, especially my buddy, Murphy. Best Buddies’s mission is to create a better school environment for everyone.”

The Best Buddies Club is a great way for students to connect with CHS students with special needs. It gives everyone the chance to feel included and welcomed while creating lasting bonds with each other.

“Best Buddies means that we are creating a space where everyone is included and valued for who they are,” Kann said. “I think Best Buddies is the best club because everyone is invited and welcome. My favorite part is getting to talk to all of the students and hear about the cool stuff they do in their lives.”