Annual Club Fair kickstarts clubs for the new school year


Gabi Roller

Happy Period Club representatives, Junior CarlyRae Jones and Senior Bella Lipsey, run their club stand at CHS’s annual club fair. Many club tables have bowls of candy to offer to new members.

Cassidy Taylor, Assistant Editor

On Wednesday, Sept. 7, Carlsbad High School held the annual Club Fair in the Quad. The Club Fair is an opportunity for students to see the clubs the school has to offer and join any they find interesting. This also allows for new clubs to recruit students and expand their clubs. 

Senior Bella Lipsey organized the Club Fair where she also represented a few clubs. She is the president of the Happy Period Club, as well as president of the Green Club with Junior Makena Hamilton. 

“I actually ran the Club Fair; I was the person in charge of it through ASB,” Lipsey said. “I think it went really well. I’m excited because a lot of people joined that are new to Carlsbad or new to the program. I am just excited to have those new people.”

The Happy Period Club was founded a few years back. However, with COVID, the club was discontinued. Now, Lipsey is bringing it back to the school with the help of the Club Fair. 

“During COVID, we could not really have a ton of social gatherings and gather new members for the Happy Period Club, so it was really hard to get new people out here and into the club,” Lipsey said. “I think the Club Fair definitely helped gain traction for this year and years to come.”

Junior Ava Fletcher is the Secretary of CHS Younglife Club. She was part of the Club Fair on Wednesday as she ran the booth for her club. She met many new students who were interested in her club. 

“I think the Club Fair is super important to Carlsbad High School because it encourages kids to find clubs,” Fletcher said. “Since there [are] so many people at the school, it makes it easier to find clubs and new friends that have common interests as you.” 

The fair is a chance for all students to learn more about clubs at Carlsbad High School. However, it mainly focuses on freshmen and students who are new to the school. Given the size of CHS, the Club Fair allows students to see various clubs in a smaller setting. 

“I thought it was super cool to see all the people who were interested in our club and our mission at the Club Fair,” Hamilton said. “Seeing fresh faces on campus, like freshmen, seeing how excited they are for this year and seeing them get involved in all of these amazing clubs we have on campus is really great to see.”

Many clubs center around improving both the school and Carlsbad community as a whole. CHS is very important to the Carlsbad community, and through clubs, students are able to make an impact on a bigger scale.  

“I think that because of the importance that Carlsbad High School has to the community and vice versa, it is really important that clubs stay frequent and well maintained because it is part of the community,” Lipsey said. 

The Club Fair is an event that encourages students to become more involved in the school community and to find people with similar interests as them. The Club Fair helps connect students from all areas of the school under one united cause, to improve the school and community. 

“I think it is just a great way of showing all that we offer on our campus,” Hamilton said. “We have such a wide variety of clubs, anyone could find something that fits their interest.”