Seniors prepare for college


Sophia Weis

According to the University Business, 76% of students said their stress was “high” or “very high” about their applications. Students have been working on college applications throughout the winter months, preparing for their future.

Ana Guimaraes, Reporter

This past fall, seniors began applying to colleges. Since then, many have experienced rising stress levels and realized how much all the preparation can affect their daily lives.

There are many ways that seniors can use their time productively to prepare for college. College entrance includes adapting to a new environment, discovering new places, and starting a new chapter in their lives.

“There’s a tactic I’ve been using for years,” senior Jillian Wilson said. ”Things happen so fast and we don’t even realize what’s happening. The best thing for me was taking 25 minutes out of my day to listen to my favorite playlist, close my eyes, think positive things and relax with this little time that I have to focus on myself.”

There are many ways to focus, learn or reflect on all of the changes, emotions and challenges that come with college preparation. This requires taking time to relax in order to refocus. Senior Islah Velez uses yoga as an outlet for relaxation.

“I particularly believe that everyone should do yoga,” Velez said. “It’s both a mental and a physical exercise, and it helps us to [consider] things that maybe we haven’t achieved yet, and in the near future it can make a big difference in the way we handle life lessons.”

The pressure that comes with college preparation is different for each person, and therefore everyone has different strategies for concentration and relaxation. By reflecting on career goals, it can sometimes be easier to make big decisions that influence your life in the future.

“I think each person has their own method and way of focusing, and [it’s important] to also do things that aren’t just work, college, or studies, because each person has different routines and having a little time to take care of yourself can bring clarity about things and help many seniors,” Wilson said.

Many of these examples can become routine and become habits that can help them in the future. They can also increase productivity, add interest and determination in daily tasks, and make for more free time.

“I also believe that things like playing with your pet, meditating, exercising for 30 minutes a day, seeing your friends, going out and going to your favorite place, or eating something that you like could help anyone to take the stress away and be able to focus on the things that are happening right now,” Wilson said.