Life Rolls On


Courtesy of Cam Reyes

The Reyes family gathers with big smiles to capture the moment at the Life Rolls on event. The surf event took place on September 22, 2019.

In Carlsbad, there is much to be thankful for, especially our beachside location. Senior Cam Reyes has an obvious love for the beach and decided to volunteer her time to tie her passions into community work. Reyes spends much of her time at the beach, swimming, surfing and hanging out. Her love for surfing and the beach lead to her excitement to participate in the “They Will Surf Again” event. 

The Life Rolls On organization hosts events such as “They Will Surf Again” and “They Will Skate Again” to improve the quality of life for people living with various disabilities. 

“(The event) is an adaptive surf ‘competition’,” Reyes said. “There are hundreds of volunteers that are put into groups and have designated surfers to them. It’s not a one-on-one surfer and leader, it’s a whole team there to support and to help the surfer feel free in a way. We pull them out on an adaptive surfboards where they can hold on or be held by the leader of the group. This tour has been going on every year for the past 18 years so some of the athletes already know the drill and are able to ride the waves on their own and even knee surf. It’s absolutely incredible to watch.”

By partaking in this event, the Reyes’ not only got to watch the competition, but participated as well. The family helped the competitors throughout the meet, so that they would have an overall positive experience.

“We helped disabled people and kids surf,” sister Makena Reyes said. “It was so rewarding to see their faces as they rode the waves.”

Watching the athletes surf was incredible. The way their faces light up when they land a drop and glide along the water is the most beautiful thing in the world. It gives me so much joy to see them in complete awe and love for what they are accomplishing.

— Cam Reyes

The Reyes family has been long involved in the community. Together, the Reyes’ volunteered this past weekend to further give back to others and spend time together bonding at the La Jolla beaches.

“My family works in the police force and many of their colleagues had told them about this opportunity,” Cam said. “I’ve grown up surfing and having a love for the ocean so this was an overall win situation. I’ve been involved with the ocean my whole life. I love teaching people how to surf and helping them find a love for the ocean that has been instilled in me. This was also a great opportunity for me because I work with a physical therapy clinic for brain trauma patients. I realized that the athletes at the competition reacted like my own patients and I was able to work with them more than others would have.”

Cam reflects on her time working with the organization and the impact it has had on her. By participating in community events, the Reyes family was able to embrace these moments that now hold a place in their hearts. After an impactful experience, the family hopes to participate in this event again in the future. Cam’s involvement with the organization has left her with the desire to share her excitement with others.

“I highly recommend this event for anyone who doesn’t mind getting their hair a little wet,” Cam said. “It’s extremely rewarding and fun despite all the heavy lifting involved. The life rolls on organization also puts on a they will skate again tour for those who would rather stay on land. Overall, this is an event I will do again in the future and I highly suggest for anyone else.”