Project FEED roots itself in the community


Food, empowerment, effort and development. These aspects make up the club Project FEED. Meeting every even Friday in room 3110 at lunch, this club tries to help homeless citizens and shelters around San Diego County by providing them with things such as food, books, clothing and more.

“I wanted to start this club because I wanted to give back to people who don’t have a home,” club President junior Sana Moezzi said.

Moezzi wanted to make an impact on her community, so she brought the Project FEED club to Carlsbad High School and encouraged her peers to join.

“After recently seeing homeless people on the streets, I really just wanted to help them,” Moezzi said.

This motivated her to raise awareness and positivity within this ongoing negative situation.

“I really love seeing people get to know each other,” Moezzi said. “Also just being a great influence on others who want to give back to the community.”

As president, she enjoys overlooking the club members’ success and takes pride in the club’s achievements. Inspired by Moezzi’s enthusiastic attitude, Project FEED can accomplish many amazing feats such as donations and drives.

“For example, at our book drive, we had a lot of people bring in over three hundred books,” Moezzi said. “It is really exciting to see students get involved.”

As a relatively new club to the Carlsbad campus, Project FEED is already experiencing success ranging from the amount of students involved in the club to the amount of work they put into their community service projects.

“There will also be new officer positions within the club,” Moezzi said. “If people want to try out, they can talk to me and we can offer them a position in the club.”

Project FEED club remains open to anyone who is willing to contribute to a great cause by giving to homeless shelters and citizens in any way. In order to keep the club up and running, Moezzi looks forward to recruiting motivated students. Through the teamwork and dedication of all students at Carlsbad High, Project FEED aims to improve the lives of the less fortunate, even if it means one small step at a time.

“Our goals for the future are mainly to increase the number of people in the club, and to hopefully have other schools make their own Project FEED as well,” Moezzi said. “This way we could all get together to help those in need.”