Community service making an impact

Maddie Dufault

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Contributing and helping an individual’s community is a job that can be done by anyone, and provides great lessons that will leave a lasting impact. When anyone helps their community, they volunteer their time to a greater purpose; not only do they leave feeling accomplished and proud but they have left an effect on the person they helped. Because community has such a great impact, people should begin to donate their time from a young age.

When a child invests time and work in the community, they will mature from the lessons they had learned and from the work they did. There are many lessons and teachings learned while participating in community service.

One lesson everyone should take away from volunteering is the realization of how others live. Often times, one does not realize how difficult it is for some to survive and provide a good life for their families.

A common kind of community service is feeding and providing assistance for the homeless. Activities including food drives and even giving a homeless person food and water are acts of service that greatly benefit others. There are many projects and foundations that allow anyone to easily find ways to feed the homeless population. In North County San Diego, the foundation Fill-A-Belly has many venues that provide weekly meals for homeless and are open to anyone willing to donate their time.

Everyone should participate in events and opportunities to feed the homeless or hungry population of the world. No matter what age, people will learn to be grateful for the lives they are given and also learn how their service truly helps others. Age should never keep one from donating their time, both children and elderly are able to service the homeless and hungry.

There are many other lessons and opportunities that accompany community service. The impact one can make on another and how work is just as valuable as money needs to be understood by all, and is taught by community service. Service opportunities are easy to access and must be taken when given the opportunity. Contributing back to one’s community can be any small job that helps another. Asking a neighbor if they need help or assisting another at the grocery store are everyday actions that help others and leave a lasting impact.

In today’s society, it is often understood that money is the most valuable resource and gift one can give. Although many may strongly believe this, it is not true. Donating time and work helps an equal amount and provides lessons and relationships that giving money cannot. When one works in the area and with the people in need, relationships and personal connections are built between the volunteer and the cause. There is a greater impact as a result of taking the time to fully assist and service a community.

In the United States the highest percentage of people who participate in community service is the age group of people 35-44 at 31.3%. If one volunteers in their community at a younger age, they will learn the same lessons as their elders and mature with lessons that will put their lives in a different perspective.  The young adults of the country, ages 18-24, differ in the amount they are willing to donate. Twenty six percent of college students volunteer and 13.5% of non college students donate their time. Everyone must realize the importance of community service for its value never decreases. Life lessons and valuable lessons will always be learned no matter the age or lifestyle of the volunteer.

The community service opportunity and duty must be fulfilled by everyone because the lessons learned will leave a more educated and grateful society.